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Our Projects

     We pursue wildlife research and production of documentary films.

Our activities start at the office with first defining a research project such as identifying the different types of bats that dwell in various caves of Iraqi mountains.

     A project is broken down into stages and each stage is planned around one or more targets.

A target would, for instance, be a gross twenty to thirty hour night video graph at or in the vicinity of Dookon cave in Chamirezan.

     The team would then focus on the specific target while the task will also entail the videographers at each step film

any and every living organism they come across.

Kurdistan Wildlife

     Kurdistan Wildlife is a documentary film series to draw attention to the current wildlife and biodiversity conditions and reveal some hidden specifics not commonly known of mainly amphibians, birds, fish, insects and mammals.

     This series consists of three episodes.

The filming of the first episode was finalized in autumn of 2017.

Nature Secrets

     Nature Secrets is a solo documentary film showing the remarkable livingorganisms’ interaction with human civilization and modern living  and how vital they are to the ecosystem and to the survival of our species.


The World of The Tiny Creatures

     The World of the Tiny Creatures is a solo documentary film throwing light on some unknown aspects of the tiniest creatures’ that share our environment and point out their importance to our ecosystem.

Wild Iraq

coming soon.

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